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It would be during this adventure that Wayne along with the other heroes would form the Justice League of America

It would be during this adventure that Wayne along with the other heroes would form the Justice League of America

Batman later joined Superman during the invasion of the alien Appellaxians, focusing their efforts on the one known as the Crystal Creature while Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter were preoccupied with the other Appellaxian champions. [29] During many of the JLA’s early adventures, Batman took somewhat of a backseat role, but his participation and importance in the team increased with time.

The Dynamic Duo

Bruce Wayne was concerned over the future of the Gotham Village, as there were people who tried to rebuild the historical place and other who sought to protect it. Investigating as Batman, he managed to locate a large criminal gang operating underneath the village and together with Robin, they captured the criminals, including their leader, Roland Meacham. [31] Shortly after this, Batman and Robin set out to capture the Tri-State Gang, but in the process, Alfred was killed. After the criminals responsible were captured, Bruce decided to honor Alfred’s sacrifice and he started the Alfred Foundation. Unfortunately, upon Alfred’s demise, Dick Grayson’s Aunt Harriet decides to move to Wayne Manor and help Bruce and Dick with the daily chores. [32] In Alfred’s absence, Bruce built an elevator that connected Wayne Manor to the Batcave, which was concealed behind a secret panel and he also upgraded the https://maxloan.org/installment-loans-md/ Batmobile into a convertible sport car. [33] Soon, Batman and Robin captured a wanted criminal, after being ambushed in an ancient English castle [34] and captured some foreign spies who incited violence among people. [35]

Batman then met Patricia Powell, a police officer recently graduated from the academy who had a crush on Bruce Wayne. Patricia and Batman solved a crime together and afterwards, Bruce decided to invite her to a party at his place the next night. [36] Unfortunately, the party was disrupted by some criminals and they had to work together to bring the crooks to justice. After this encounter, Bruce never attempted to work or meet with Patricia ever again. [30] Shortly after this, Bruce Wayne’s identity was stolen by some criminals, leading Batman and Robin into an investigation in which they met Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, [37] and this would be the first of many collaborations with him. [38]

After this, Batman was attacked by the Grasshopper Gang, who stole several objects from him under the instructions of the mysterious criminal known as The Outsider. [39] Before they could investigate that case further, Batman and Robin had to capture the criminal known as the Make-Up Man [40] and stop the criminal activities of the Penguin. [41] It wasn’t until Batman and Robin confronted and captured a mysterious witch, that the Outsider threatened them once again. [42] Shortly after this, Batman and Robin capture the elusive Getaway Genius after a series of unsuccessful attempts to nab the criminal. [43] Batman then acquired superhuman strength in his fists, but the power was only temporary. [44]

Rise of the Rogues Gallery

Batman and Robin then confronted a series of lesser known costumed criminals such as Mr. Incognito, [45] the Bouncer, [46] the Monarch of Menace, [47] Death Man [48] among many others. However, the Dynamic Duo also confronted high profile enemies such as the Riddler, who returned to Gotham, years after Batman and Robin captured him for the first time. He tried to trick the heroes into believing that he had reformed, but Batman deduced his real plans and captured him. [49] After this, Batman and Robin were once again attacked by the Outsider, who used their own weapons against them. [50] Before they could investigate further, the Joker started a new crime spree based on iconic film comedians, until he was stopped by Batman. [51] Next, they stopped the monstrous criminal called Blockbuster. [52] Once again, Batman teamed-up with the Elongated Man, only this time, they were also joined by The Atom and the trio captured some wanted criminals. [53]

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